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The fitness industry is full of it. They believe that you need to exercise everyday and do things that are dangerous and a waste of your time. We don’t. We know better and we believe you can become lean, strong, fit and healthy exercising just 15-30 minutes, once or preferably twice a week at most. Scratch that, we don’t believe it – we KNOW it.


Our expert personal trainers specialize in a low force, high intensity slow-motion strength training method called Slow Burn. The Slow Burn method is very similar to the slow, yet powerful movements used in Tai Chi. It is so potent, in just 30 minutes, once or preferably twice a week, Slow Burn training will make you firm, powerful and flexible – all without joint grinding cardio, Gumby stretching routines or Romper room antics.


We like science. All of our exercise equipment is specially engineered to generate superior physiological benefits. This accelerates your results and provides a safer training experience. In addition, there is no general membership so the training is very private. We don’t play eardrum busting music so it’s quiet and serene. We keep the gym very cool so you won’t sweat, even though you are working hard. No need to shower after!


In as little as 30 days you will feel and see a noticeable difference in your body. And we teach you how to keep it that way permanently.

We combine our Slow Burn training with a real food, “paleo” eating plan that we guarantee will improve your health and completely transform your body in a very short time.


We know you’ll find our skilled and certified trainers, specially engineered equipment and the Slow Burn technique to be the single best personal training experience you’ve ever had. We are so confident you’ll love Slow Burn, your results, and the extra time you will have, we offer a full money-back guarantee. No one else offers this level of confidence in their programs.


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