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Tony RobbinsI highly recommend Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn system of exercise. His method is a potent means for developing yourself both physically and spiritually in a safe and time efficient manner."

Tony Robbins
Entrepreneur, Author, and Peak Performance Strategist

As a practicing chiropractor in NYC, I have encountered all types of training - Serious Strength and Fred Hahn are by far in a league of their own. This is the training I currently use and I absolutely love every minute of it and see the results. You can't go wrong here. Try it!

Dr. Jamie Blau
Upper Westside Chiropractic

I want to really thank you personally for being a part of a program that has saved my life. That may sound dramatic, but here is my story.

I am 42 years old and 6 foot tall. A little over ten years ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and given medication to deal with it. I was also told to lose some weight. I weighed between 200 to 205 at the time. I was also told to lower my fat intake and I could eat as much fruits and vegetables as I wanted.

Over the years, the weight stayed relatively consistent. I am not athletic at all, but am fairly active. However, the quantity of food has consistently gone down in my efforts to lose weight. Additionally, my blood sugar has constantly gone up.

In these last two years, my weight started creeping up some. As a result, I stated running fairly regularly. It had no, or very little effect on my weight. I pretty much stopped eating a regular dinner at night after work. All I would eat is some yogurt or some fruit cups at night. Remember, I could eat all the fruit I wanted. I still kept gaining weight, but my fasting blood sugar that I measured in the morning did come down a little.

On March 14th of this year, I weighed 215. I was taking 4 different diabetes medications, one blood pressure drug, pretty much taking a Prilosec everyday for heartburn as well as Tums fairly regularly. My doctor did not seemed concerned with the heartburn. I assumed it was from stress at work. I would also vomit fairly regularly. I assumed from the various drugs, maybe stress. My cholesterol as indicated from my blood tests when I visited my doctor were higher than recommendations as well as my blood pressure. Neither super high, but higher than what is considered normal and healthy.

I visited all the normal diabetes type web sites and none of them said anything or recommended anything that seemed to offer anything of value. I was mostly doing what they said. Lots of fruits and vegetables, lots of whole grains, try to lower fats and some exercise. Yes to all of the above. Yet I continue to get worse. I was beginning to believe this was just a part of aging and having diabetes.

How long was it going to be until I started having real health issues? For the most part I very rarely get sick. When was I going to start going blind, lose a foot or leg, have a heart attack, kidney failure, stroke out??? I was getting to be resigned that it was just a matter of time. Inside my head I secretly hoped that I would have a fatal heart attack at a relatively young age so I would not have to deal with the real issues of diabetes.

On March 14th in a round about way, I found the Protein Power book. It was opposite everything I knew to be true, yet it seemed more true about nutrition than anything I read before. How could everybody else be so wrong? I instantly started following it, cutting my carb intake to next to nothing or at least less than 30 grams a day. Before stating this, knowing what I ate, I am fairly certain my carb intake was close to 60 to 70 percent of my total calorie intake. I bought your book a couple weeks later.

I am sure you will not be surprised at all by the results. As of this morning I now weigh a little over 190. It has been close to 20 years since I have weighed that little. I have stopped taking two of the diabetes drugs completely, one of the others I am taking 80% of what I was taking, the other I am down 30%. I have not taken a single Prilosec or a Tums since I have started this change and this is the most stressful part of the year for me as it relates to work. I have only vomited once and that was on March 16 or day 2. Six weeks in, I had a doctor visit and blood test. Blood sugar way lower, bad cholesterol way lower and in the normal range, good cholesterol way higher and also now in the normal range.

Five weeks after I changed my eating habits, I started my slow burn routines based on your book. With some of the exercises I really struggled at first, but now am fairly comfortable with most of them. I am still learning and refining a few things, but I can say my increases in strength are just as dramatic as my weight loss. In the case of the chest press, the very first time I did it following your slow burn book instructions I did 3 reps at 100 pounds and was wiped out. Yesterday, at 130 pounds I did 6 reps in a little over 2 minutes. Time to increase the weight again.

As I said before, I was running fairly regularly for a few years. Not that fast, and really, not that far, 3 to 4 miles in around 45 minutes. Generally 3 or 4 times a week to do "some exercise" as recommended by my doctor and everything I had read about diabetes. I have cut back on the running since I started your workouts, but when I do run, I run significantly farther and significantly faster than I have run in years. I hated, hated, hated the running, but did it to do my exercise. Now when I do run, it is almost fun. I am so amazed at the changes in me.

So that is how you have had a part in saving my life. I do not know how to say thank you any more than that. If you communicate with Michael Eades, you are welcome to share this with him as everything I have said here applies to him as much as you. In fact, if you feel that anything I have shared in this email with you would benefit someone else, you are welcome to share or forward to them as well.

In your blog last week, you shared the starfish story. I can definitely say I am one starfish that you have made a difference in their life, and I wanted you to know that.

Thank you Fred, thank you very much.

Paul James

I wanted to thank you for your book. After essentially never setting foot in a gym in my 31 years, I've been spending an intense 20 minutes once or twice a week lifting very heavy things. Between a low carb diet and lifting slow like you recommend, I have dropped 33 pounds so far and I feel great!

Phil Bavington

Since doing Slow Burn, along with a low carb/high fat diet that I started several weeks before Slow Burning, my resting heart rate has gone from 80 to 59 and I have lost 27 lbs. on the scale and 4.5 inches around my waist.

Many of my friends would like to start Slow Burn and are asking me for advice. I always tell them to buy the book first and read it thoroughly before starting. This way if someone tries to tell them something that's not true and discourage them, they will know the truth!

Steve R

I just wanted to check back in and offer a little bit of testimony so perhaps others could benefit from it.

I started on the Eades' Protein Power diet 2 weeks ago and am following it closely. I am happy (very) to report that I am not having the blood sugar crashes anymore.

I have been doing the Slow Burn workout and walking/hiking and am amazed at how effective the diet is at fueling me up for those activities. For example, I walked over 2 miles on my first hike in a long time and did not need to stop for a snack even though my muscles were getting a good work-out -- I would definitely have had to stop for a snack if I were still "doing carbs".

I am taking in much less calories than I was with my previous usual high-carb/low-fat emphasis on eating but am feeling MUCH better, am much less hungry, and am plenty energetic. Never experienced anything like this. I'm a believer! Oh and I am losing weight too! There are not many things in life that I would consider truly life-changing, but the Protein Power diet has been one of them. I am starting to already feel results from the Slow Burn workout, too!


I just completed my 68th Slow Burn workout.

Combined with a 95% reduction in gluten intake, I have lost about 25 lbs., added muscle, slimmed down and am hitting the golf ball farther than ever. I have done this by having good but not excellent form, good breathing etc.

I don't record my time to failure or my # of reps but one detail...when I started, I couldn't do one "man pushup", now I can do 9 (albeit a little fast), then I revert to the knee version. Our protocol is to set the egg timer to 110 seconds, gently get into position for a given exercise and get to work. We do your whole workout in about 40 minutes.

Marine works out with me and has gained strength, looks great and is hitting the ball farther than ever.

This season, Marine was the Ladies 2012 champ at our club and together we won the Couples Championship!

Leonard and Marine H

Dr. Max GomezI´ve always enjoyed sports and athletic activities –– lettered in football and baseball in high school, intramural sports in college and grad school, whitewater kayaking, skiing, golf and backpacking after that...then “Life” happened. You know...family, work and all sorts of other commitments. Before I knew it, a pretty fit “Baby Boomer” was suffering from “Aging Jock” syndrome. That´s when the back hurts, my old catcher´s knees creaked and an extra 15 or so pounds had mysteriously appeared on a formerly decent build. And try as I might, I just couldn´t find enough time on a regular basis to exercise it all away.

Then I remembered that Fred had told me about slow motion strength training a few years earlier. I did a story on it for News Channel 4 and was impressed. It was time to try it. I started working out once a week for 30 minutes. I purposely avoided physical therapy, serious exercise and any other strength training as a kind of self experiment to see what Serious Strength could do for me.

Within a few workouts I realized that my back had stopped aching (and it had been aching for a long time) and my knees stopped hurting. When I played with my six year old, I could pick him up and roughhouse with him with greater ease. Everyday activities, from climbing stairs to walking, became easier.

And perhaps best of all, I am absolutely crushing the golf ball! I am driving the ball further than I EVER have and am a good club or more longer with my irons. (I know that doesn´t mean much to most people, but trust me, the golfers reading this are getting excited!)

Maybe I could have accomplished this with a three–a–week gym routine, but this came about with 30 minutes a week – sometimes less! And I can come dressed for the office, throw on shorts and a T–shirt and not have to spend a lot of time showering because I don´t break a sweat!

I can´t say enough about what Fred has done to help me regain my lost strength, health, fitness, and even a little youth. I have been telling everyone who´ll listen because it´s clearly the most effective and time–efficient way to exercise I have ever tried. You should try it too!

Dr. Max Gomez
CBS Medical Correspondent

Marsha MasonThe idea of slow, one on one Slow Burn training that is closely monitored, and in 30 minutes just twice a week, brings me great satisfaction, lifts my spirits, and keeps me strong, healthy, and protected from injury.

Marsha Mason

I took up swimming regularly about 25 years ago because it was an activity that did not exacerbate my temperamental lower back. I usually work out 4 times a week during the swim season with my team (Red Tide) and we focus on a meet at the end of every March.

I have worked out with weights on a regular basis for years, doing the usual 3 sets of 12 repetitions using a combination of free weights and machines. On the recommendation of a client, I started Serious Strength last fall.

I want to tell you all that the recent meet this past March was one of the best I’ve ever had - 4 personal best times in middle distance events (400 IM, 200 fly, 500 free, 200 free). I felt strong in all of these swims and was able to push myself at the end without dying.

While our coaches are excellent, I have to attribute the difference to the Slow Burn training system and the trainers at Serious Strength - the only new factor in my training.

Now we need to see if the results continue during the triathlon season!


Jonathan M. Silver, MD
NYU School of Medicine

Bob WrightSerious Strength is a well thought out program, geared toward those who want to get in shape but don´t have room in the schedule for five or six days at the gym. Regardless of your fitness level, Serious Strength is the best place to build muscle, burn fat, or both. Fred Hahn is a fitness pioneer, providing a workout that is both efficient and effective.

Bob Wright
Executive Director & Vice Chairman of the Board of General Electric

Seth GodinIn a world where very little is as good as the hype, and where almost nothing is better than the hype, I was stunned and amazed to discover just how good Fred Hahn´s Serious Strength training has made me feel. Every day I have more energy--and my entire body feels better.

Seth Godin
Author and Speaker

John MarkusI used to be like you. Oh yeah. Forking over hard earned money to some trendy watering hole gym, spending hours stomping on treadmills or flailing at weight machines – staring at all those other bodies that seemed impossibly more nubile than mine. Well, those days are over. Now, investing only twenty four minutes 2X per week, I have turned back my physiological clock twenty four years.

No question. Serious Strength´s Slow Burn technique is a revelation, saving me time, money, and, I dare say, my nubility.

John Markus
Writer, Producer, and Creator: The Cosby Show & The Larry Sanders Show

Bertil LundqvistSerious Strength's training enabled me to improve my strength and stamina for driving a Formula 1 car in a daylong driving experience. Knowing that the Formula 1 program was coming up, I worked specifically on the strengths I would need for car control and endurance as well as to cope with my vulnerable back. I have had serious back problems which have much improved with my Serious Strength training. Having done Formula 1 driving previously, I could see the dramatic improvement that my training with Serious Strength helped me make in my performance.

I recommend Serious Strength to everyone concerned about their general fitness as well as to anyone preparing for a specific event.

Bertil Lundqvist
General Counsel & Executive Vice President of C.V. Starr & Co., Inc

Maurice GreenbergI´ve been serious about exercise and good health all my life. I discovered Fred´s Slow Burn book, tried the workout, and was very impressed. The 30 minute a week program has given me incredible strength and helps keep me energetic. The training is smart, efficient and powerful. I´ve never felt better. I highly recommend Slow Burn to anyone.

Maurice Greenberg
Chairman and CEO, CV Starr Inc.

Bobby PreviteI developed a bad case of Sciatica for the first time in my life. I visited a doctor who suggested injections, tried a chiropractor, had 4 acupuncture sessions, joined the Y and swam, exercised, did some yoga…NOTHING helped. This went on for a year and began to seriously impair my ability to function. After SIX sessions at Serious Strength on ONE machine (do the math, it took on the average 2 minutes per session, so that’s 12 MINUTES of total time I exercised my back) it went completely away. That was almost a year ago. I think it’s kind of a miracle, although I’m sure Fred doesn’t think there’s anything mysterious about it.

I’m now a serious convert to Serious Strength. I’m just so grateful to be out of pain, although I’ve almost forgotten, it seems so long (and so many reps) ago.

Bobby Previte
Composer, Musician

Donna SonkinIt happened again! I did yoga at Reebok and this time I got up into and down from a wheel all by myself 3 times!!! I am the poster child for getting strong to help other activities...you and Slow Burn are ROCK STARS! Hugs and thanks again for making me STRONG!

Donna Sonkin
Professional Actress and owner of Get Thin for the Camera

Strong children thrive. I know of no better way for adults to develop strength and the habit and pleasure of exercise than at Serious Strength using Fred Hahn’s Slow Burn method. It is a safe, effective way to build muscle for life without stressing and injuring joints and bones (which are common problems associated with traditional sports and gym training techniques).

Childhood strength paves the way to the mature enjoyment of an active life style. I can think of no safer way to advance adolescent strength than using Slow Burn strength training.

Serious Strength has successfully seen me through four major orthopedic operations and continues to support my difficult work life. Being strong has helped me in every way and Serious Strength Slow Burn training is an essential ingredient of my life. The method allows me to maintain activity levels I thought I would never enjoy again.

Dr. Lucy Perrotta
Pediatrics, Neonatology

Dr. Bruce WestVirtually all my patients are prescribed the Slow Burn fitness program. The results are absolutely remarkable!

Dr. Bruce West
Founder and Publisher of Health Alert Newsletter

Sandy DuncanAt 56, I´ve traded “perky” for “feisty.” As a professional singer, dancer, actress, keeping my body strong and resistant to injury is absolutely essential. Since joining Serious Strength and using Fred´s Slow Burn method, it feels as if I´ve turned back the clock a decade and become almost impervious to damage. It´s an informed, careful, intelligent approach to remaining strong and fit. It eliminates that fragile, tentative feeling that the aging process can produce.

It´s wonderful to feel as if I´m adding years to my life and career exercising a mere 30 minutes a week. I love it (well, when it´s over that is!) Really, I recommend you reverse the aging process by giving Serious Strength´s Slow Burn method a try.

This is something I feel I can and absolutely should do into my 100´s!

Sandy Duncan
Singer, Dancer, Actress

Kathleen HaysWhen I first heard about Serious Strength I thought, "C´mon, this can´t be for real! Only 30 minutes a week and no aerobics?" I figured well, what the heck and gave it a try.

Lo and behold, I lost 30 pounds and 4 sizes in just a few months.

My body has a tone and my muscles have a definition that they've never had before with anything else I've ever done. I am stronger and I have more energy.

The combination of Slow Burn strength training and eating properly is truly amazing. When I looked in the mirror, it was almost like I was looking at someone else. I recommend Serious Strength to everyone. It´s the most incredible thing I´ve ever done for my body!

Kathleen Hays
Business / News Anchor, Bloomberg Television

Lisa FeldmanIn 1997 I met Fred Hahn who introduced me to Slow Burn strength training. I cut out all aerobic exercise and did Slow Burn exclusively, twice a week. After a couple months, I noticed subtle changes. People who hadn´t seen me in a while said I looked as though I had lost 10 pounds. My body fat percentage now is four percent less than it was when I was doing hours a week of ´fat burning´ aerobics. I no longer have the kind of overuse injuries that many people my age begin to complain about. I am in better over all condition now, at the age of 48 than I was twenty years ago. I wish I had known then what I know now!

Lisa Feldman
Professional Exercise Instructor

Katie DailyI was always a member of those large, NYC gyms doing the same old, same old and getting halfway decent results. Then a friend told me about Serious Strength´s Slow Burn technique and it sounded so amazing I decided to try it.

Since starting the program I have never felt healthier or looked better in my entire life. The workout is incredible!

My strength and endurance have skyrocketed since starting Slow Burn and I only spend 30 minutes a week doing it. I would not go back to what I was doing for exercise before for anything.

Katie Daily
Columbia University Pre–Med, Pre–Law Student

Linda HahnAfter my second child was born, I was desperate to get back to my previously slender self. After 4 months of Slow Burn, well, I think my photos speak for themselves! I have never felt better, stronger or looked as good.

Linda Hahn
Mother, Homemaker

Margaret MillerWhen I first started working with Slow Burn I did not believe that working out one day a week for 30 minutes would be enough. I was a pessimist but it has proven to be absolutely true that I can do that. One day a week has given me tremendous benefits.

Margaret Miller

David LandauAs an affiliate of Fred Hahn, it is more than appropriate that I share information about the truth of bodily transformation. Slow controlled strength training (Serious Strength style) is valuable beyond your wildest imaginations. Do not believe the trickery in magazines, TV ads, and ridiculous gizmos on mis–infomercials. The claims made are terribly exaggerated and usually completely untrue.

The keys to enhanced health and body shape are meaningful muscular exercise a.k.a. strength training, best done slow motion style, and a properly controlled calorie intake.

‘Cardio’ (not found in dictionary), is a vastly overrated modality for many health related reasons, and is completely unnecessary to achieve maximum fat loss and improved body shape. The results you see in my photos are the product of not a single minute of aerobic activity. If you follow Fred´s system, you will maximize your physical potential, as I did, without it.

As far as exercise is concerned, Fred and I are pretty much on the same page. In most cases, all that is needed is 1 or 2 twenty–minute workouts a week. Maximum muscle tone can be had if your meals are kept in check along with a session or two a week of Serious Strength training. The combination will be YOUR road to ‘Wellville.’

David Landau
Certified Exercise Instructor, Exercise Historian and Natural Body Builder

Diane Wright Slow burn is different than any other kind of exercise I've ever tried but I've gotten the best results from it as well.

Diane Wright

Carson GlebermanIt was too good to be true, I was sure, but maybe the same hormones that stretched my ligaments in pregnancy also stretched my mind. 30 minutes a week to a stronger body? Well, I´d give it a try.

I was surprised by how intense but not scary the exercise was, by how sensible Fred´s explanations of how and why building muscle is what matters most in fitness, and by how quickly I could see and feel real gains in my strength. Yes, the time in the gym requires real mental concentration as well as physical effort, and yes I tired early in the evenings on gym days. But I was very surprised at how quickly I saw increases in my stamina on all the other days (6 out of 7, remember). This really helped, as I was chasing a 6 and a 3–year old while carrying their soon–to–be baby brother.

Another great benefit: the lower back exercise virtually wiped out back pain during this pregnancy. Nearing 40, I had been told by many people including my doctor to expect back pain and fatigue.

But maybe the best part was what Slow Burn did for me post–partum. After my previous pregnancies I had lost weight with either a very strict diet and some exercise or a pretty strict diet and a lot of running. There were depressing plateaus and regains in those battles. Older this time, I expected it to be even worse. With a modified diet (long on fiber and protein, moderate in fat, and low in carbohydrates) and Slow Burn (30 minutes, once a week), I lost weight faster and more steadily than with either other method. No de–motivating long plateaus, and in the four years since my weight has stayed within 4 pounds of the low point. (Note to Fred: can you check this for me? One of the good things is not obsessing over pounds anymore so I am not sure I really remember.)

More important than the pounds, of course, are the inches. Your skinny jeans could care less what the scale says, it´s all about the tape measure. After you have a baby you want your old body back, and with all the changes in your schedule and priorities and conversation topics, it seems that much more important to have your body seem familiar, and be able to wear all your old favorite clothes. New moms can feel like they have completely lost themselves; post–partum depression is not only because of hormones! Building muscle is the answer, and the faster the better. After each of my previous pregnancies I managed to get the scale down to the magic pre–conception weight, but clothes never looked quite the same. Same pounds, different (saggy) shape. Was it inevitable with the passing years?

Now, I can say with John Wayne style (no brag, just fact), I am stronger and leaner than any time in my life since high school. Nothing in my closet scares me. Also, I can do a lot more in daily life than most people my age: pack a suitcase to overstuffed and whisk it into an overhead compartment, carry my son on my shoulders for nearly a mile and up stairs, and so on. Maybe a strong mother for my kids is the best benefit Serious Strength´s Slow Burn program has given me.

Carson Gleberman

My stepdaughter Jillian Doyle is a member of the Kennett High School track team in Conway, NH. In her sophomore year she was one tenth of a second from breaking the school’s record in the 200 meter run. During her off-season, Jillian incorporated Slow Burn techniques into her weight workouts. As a junior, Jillian returned to the track team a bit stronger and faster, setting the new school record in the 200 meter. Jillian was also the anchor of the 4 X 100 relay team that not only shattered the school record in that event, but also broke their own record one week later! As a senior, Jillian has returned to her weight room strategy of again incorporating Slow Burn techniques in hopes of not only breaking more track records next spring, but setting the records and standards for Kennett High's newly formed indoor track

Audley W.

Our kids feel stronger & proud of their accomplishments. We feel like we are doing something very healthy as a family and in the process teaching our children how important it is to take care of their bodies.

Joyce & Jay H.

My son, Ephraim is 10 years old. He is an aspiring cartoonist; more artsy than sporty, but has a decent forehand, and a mean backhand in tennis! He is average build, and has asthma, eczema, food allergies, and environmental allergies......has good coping skills, but knows all that stuff is a drag. His dad and I had been going to Fred Hahn's Serious Strength for years. I have poor bone density, so the strength training was the key to my health. For my husband, an actor, the training was essential for keeping him fit, and fitting into a crazy schedule. I spoke to Fred about Ephraim beginning weight training. He highly recommended this for him. I believe Ephraim was 8 years old when he began with Fred. After taking measurements, and getting whatever history and medical information necessary, Ephraim went to the equipment with Tommy, a very tall, muscular trainer.....who is hilarious, and so kind, and encouraging! The difference in their sizes was quite something. As I knew the level of intensity at Serious Strength from my own weight training, I was a bit anxious about Ephraim's ability to handle that type workout. They of course started him light, and almost two years later, he is at weights that amaze me.

Remember, he is not a soccer kid, he's an artist/video gamer!

O.K. that is the history. What has it done for Ephraim? He will not develop a muscular physique at this age. What he will develop is strength, and confidence, and great self esteem. Because he has a compromised respiratory situation, helping him be as strong as he can, is so important. He comes out of his training session adding and multiplying in his head the amount of weight he lifted. He is wiped out, but recovers pretty quickly (faster than I do!) As a mom, I know my son so well. I know this training is incredibly challenging, and I know having Ephraim challenge himself physically like this is a fantastic hurdle for him. I see him growing from a pretty scrawny looking kid who is on antihistamines and inhalers, to a confident 10 year old, who is getting stronger, and whose tennis grip is now pretty awesome. I want to give him a head-start......this has been a totally positive experience for him. He has a younger sister, who is seven years old, and when she becomes eight, she will be right next to him doing bicep curls!

Connie S.

I find that Serious Strength has given me and my son enduring strength, literally. In the past I was a runner (developed sciatica), a Pilates practitioner for three years (a great start but it did nothing for bone density) and then found Fred Hahn’s method of slow movement. The pace and the precision of the whole program is what I would call a program of strength development for life. This means, you’re in it for the long haul, hopefully, for the rest of your life. The slow movement and focus of the program creates not only a strong body, but also a strong mind/body awareness. You find that you connect in your mind to your muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones during the process I have observed this in my son Byron too. He was no more aware of his real strength and body before starting the program. Byron is right here as I write this and he agrees. The weight program also keeps his body balanced unlike team sports. Team sports are that much greater when a teenager has a slow burn strength training program already in place. It grounds his physical regime in a safe manner and has helped him to keep injuries from occurring on the field. In short, we both love it and are in it for the long haul!

Lynette and Byron J.

Before meeting Fred and learning about Serious Strength, we were at a loss to help our son Brian. After taking a prescription medication for several months, Brian had gained close to 50 pounds. For a 10 year old child, a weight gain of that magnitude is not only scary and overwhelming, but also posed serious health concerns. For almost two years we tried to help Brian lose the weight by exercising and cutting calories. No matter how hard we and he tried, he couldn't rid himself of the weight.

For a child with self esteem issues and learning disabilities, and for us as parents, we were living a nightmare. Brian became more angry and depressed; he was embarrassed and miserable with his appearance. As his parents we felt helpless, not knowing where to turn.

Learning about Serious Strength and the slow burn method was a turning point for our entire family. Fred Hahn and Brian's trainer Tommy Day became our saviors. Everything we had been taught in the past about hours of aerobic exercise and calorie counting being the solution was forgotten. Brian began once a week 30 minute training sessions, along with a high protein eating program and within a couple of weeks the pounds started to come off.

At first Brian was uncooperative. The program as we called it wasn't easy for him and he had become quite jaded after his previous unsuccessful attempts to lose weight. But he kept with it and with his trainer's patience and persistence; Brian experienced his first significant results in years. With this new motivation, Brian became empowered to work harder and he became committed to the program with a vigor we could never have imagined. Brian went to school and bragged to his friends and teachers about how great he was doing with his program. The eating and exercise routine became part of his life and he stopped complaining about not eating the foods he used to crave.

After months on the program Brian's self esteem is tremendous. His face beams when his friends, family and teachers comment on his quite obvious weight loss. More importantly Brian feels better about himself. He can move more easily, feels stronger and more able to participate and compete in sports and other physical activities. He has learned to like himself again; his confidence in himself has been restored. He is wearing clothes he hasn't fit into in years; he wants to shop for new clothes every chance he gets!

The staff at Brian's school has also seen the huge strides Brian has made. His attention and focus difficulties at school have decreased along with his behavioral and social problems. As he shed his unwanted pounds he gained his confidence and self esteem. He has reclaimed his position as a leader amongst his peers and his attention and focus have improved significantly. Brian has been described by his teachers as "happier than ever" and "empowered, proud and confident."

Brian still has a ways to go but we have no doubt he will reach his goals. Fred, Tom and Serious Strength has given us the greatest gift of all -- they have helped Brian regain his happiness, confidence, self esteem, motivation and health -- they have given us our son back.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Michael and Lisa H.

Very shortly after Katya and Marc started their program at Serious Strength my expectations that Fred would provide an effective, professional and safe work out for my children were confirmed. Katya’s Junior Prep figure skating program coach wanted to know what Katya did so that almost overnight her jumps became so considerably stronger. On the same night I talked to Katya’s ballet teacher, who could not believe that all of a sudden Katya made such a breakthrough in flexibility. As for Marc, not only did his hockey power skating improve very fast, but I can actually see how his muscle have grown. And the other day I discovered that without any additional training Marc can do military style pull-ups—a huge ego booster for both Marc—and his parents!

Veronica and Yakov B.

My blood pressure went from 195/110 to 149/80 in a couple of months with NO meds or any other changes in my life. Oh yeah, I have lost over 25 pounds, too. I am 57 and getting really strong. I also have been cured of Sciatica and a torn knee cartilage somehow, too. Your system gets RESULTS!!!!

Jerry Catania

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia ten years ago. After trying the traditional medical approach without success I began my own quest for answers. Part of my personal approach was to find an exercise my muscles felt good with. Over the years I have tried many programs. Intense and prolonged pain was often the end result. Then I came across "Slow Burn" in my local library. I read it cover to cover in one day. It made a lot of sense so I tried the at home program. My muscles absolutely love and feel great with this program and so do I. Better than with any exercise I have tried.

Thank you for your wonderful book! And for the difference I have felt!!!

Sherice Reynolds

I read the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution. I have been faithfully working out for 28 years. Your workout routine is the most efficient way to obtain optimum strength without risk of injury.

Thanks for writing the book!

Michael Schedler

I just wanted to tell you how much your book has helped me. I am 65 years old and my husband and I have been doing Slow Burn at home for about 6 months. It is the first time I have ever done exercises that I can see the difference.

Thanks Again!

Barbara West

I love this workout!! I am so impressed with not only the science of this type of training, but with its effectiveness as well. I am so convinced of its application I can't wait to see what the next workout brings. I love the focus and intensity and the need for total concentration.

I am a late-onset athlete...a marathoner, half-marathoner and triathlete. I'm really looking forward to my next race with the added benefit of Slow Burn. I can already see a difference in my training.

Gayle Jordan

I am a 52 year old man who has suffered from low back pain for about 10 years. The pain was so severe that some mornings I could hardly get out of bed. I tried everything short of surgery....chiropractors...yoga...OTC pain pills. I decided to try your book. No more pain! None. I am 52 and now feel 22. Thank you so much.

Steve Wills

I recommend this method ONE-THOUSAND percent to those people (like myself) who always hated working out the traditional 3 times a week (and usually gave it up after 3 months). After each workout, you will REALLY feel that you have worked out and achieved something...I will do this method for the rest of my life.

David Kramer

I have been doing Slow Burn for 5 months religiously. I love it. Why don't more people do it this way? Thanks for your book!

John P.

Margie and I just got back from the Coast-to-Coast walk in northern England.

A year ago I could barely walk through Central Park to get the chemo and radiation treatments...but I just finished walking 200 miles, plus 27,500 feet of elevation, through the mountains and hills of the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales, and the North York Moors.

Perhaps the most satisfying part was how strong I was throughout. There are some especially grueling parts to this trip -- 40 to 50% gradients that are like walking up ladders for 1,000 feet and more -- and it gave me special pleasure to pass hikers much younger than me.

I know I couldn't have done this trip without your strength training program. Thank you for all you've done to help bring me back to health. I feel deeply grateful to have you and Tommy in my corner.


Hi again, I just wanted to check back in and offer a little bit of testimony so perhaps others could benefit from it. I started on the Eades' Protein Power diet 2 weeks ago and am following it closely. I am happy (very) to report that I am not having the blood sugar crashes anymore. I have been doing the Slow Burn workout and walking/hiking and am amazed at howeffective a protein-based diet is at fueling me up for those activities.

For example, I walked over 2 miles on my first hike in a long time and did not need to stop for a snack even though my muscles were getting a good work-out -- I would definitely have had to stop for a snack if I were still "doing carbs". I am taking in muchless calories than I was with my previous usual high-carb/low-fat emphasis on eating but am feeling MUCH better, am much less hungry, and am plenty energetic. Never experienced anything like this. I'm a believer! Oh and I am losing weight too!

There are not many things in life that I would consider truly "life-changing" but the Protein Power diet has been one of them. I am starting to already feel results from the Slow Burn workout, too!

Suzanne R.